Become a software developer.

InFI is the only employability organization, mentoring freshers for open positions in our network of companies. You will be made employable and placed in a job at the end of three months mentoring program. InFI is the only company in India which doesn't charge you for it's service up-front.

Moreover, you pay only when you get a job as a developer after the program. Otherwise it's FREE for you.

400+ InFI graduates have got software development jobs in leading IT companies. Our graduates receive an average annual starting salary of Rs 180,000

Alumni Employers

  • 3i Infotech
  • Hexagon Global
  • Crayon'D
  • Sparon
  • Origin


Kris Fields
Joining App Academy has been among the best decisions I've made in my life.
Kris Fields

In a Nutshell

InFI is the only organization, that offers an intensive, full-time, application development and job-placement program in Chennai.

Over twelve weeks, you'll learn all the skills needed to begin a career in IT as software application developer. Through hands-on projects, we mentor you to build applications with technology for which there are open positions (jobs) in our partner companies.

Prior programming experience isn't required. However, you will need lots of tenacity and a passion for building cool stuff. Academic Computer knowledge is useful to build stronger foundation.

Placement Fee

InFI is as Risk FREE as we can make it.

InFI does not charge any fee if you are not employed. In addition InFI provides you with training certificate and recommendation letters. You pay only when you are employed. For all our effort of mentoring you Ito make you employable and find you employment you pay us Rs 40,000. InFI not only make you employable, it gurantees that you excel in your job and have accelarated career.

At the end of the program we arrange interview with our partner companies, which may offer you direct employment or contract-to-hire. If you offered a position by one of these companies on their employment terms you have to pay the fee, if you dont accept the job. Once you pay fee, you are free to find a job on your own, if you dont like the job offered.

We're in this together; we only succeed if the program works for you, and you get a job.


400+ InFI graduates have got software development jobs in leading IT companies. Our graduates receive an average annual starting salary of Rs 180,000, see what our alumni say about our program.


Rose Auravide
I've probably learned as much in a few weeks here as I did all year on my own.
Rose Auravide

InFI teaches you everything you need to become an entry-level developer. We mentor all required skills, what your prospective employer expects you to have, and start the work from day one of joining. You will learn programming langauge and SQL, so that you can develop front-end, business layer and DataBase quires for any application. InFI mentoring program consists of Basic Programming Concepts, One of the main programming language to build business layers (java/ C#), UI skills (HTML, CSS, JS) and SQL. You will go through personality, communication development during the program for all days. If you prove that you have not improved you soft and technical skills substantially we will pay you Rs 10,000, it means you are paid for attending the program.

  • Git
  • PostgreSQL
  • Ruby
  • Rails
  • HTML
  • jQuery
  • Backbone

Becoming a software developer is about learning a way of thinking, not just about expertise with a specific set of tools. Technology keeps changing, but the skills we teach will serve you well no matter what you may go on to do in the future: back-end engineering, iOS development, big data, etc. For that reason, we also teach the motivations behind good software design and best-practices, algorithms and data structures, and code readings. You will make you a strong self learner.


Week 1

Ruby + Object-Oriented Design

  • Basic + Intermediate Ruby
  • Object-Oriented Design
  • File I/O
  • Basic Algorithms + Data Structures
  • Code Quality

Week 2

Ruby II + TDD

  • Basic + Intermediate Git and GitHub
  • Serialization: JSON, YAML
  • Design Patterns
  • RSpec
  • Test-Driven Development

Week 3


  • Querying
  • Joins and Associations
  • Aggregate Functions
  • Sub-Queries
  • Indexing
  • Schema Design
  • ActiveRecord
    • Migrations
    • Associations
    • Validations
    • Scopes
    • Callbacks

Week 4

The Web + Rails I

  • HTTP
  • API Consumption (RestClient + OAuth)
  • REST
  • MVC Architecture
  • Basic Routing + Controllers + Views
  • HTML + CSS
  • Rails Forms
  • Layouts + Rendering + Partials + Helpers

Week 5

Rails II

  • Request-Response Lifecycle
  • Cookies + Sessions
  • Parameters
  • Advanced Forms
  • ActionMailer + E-Mail

Week 6

Advanced Rails + Javascript I

  • Metaprogramming: Rebuilding Rails (Lite)
    • ActiveRecord Lite
    • WEBrick Server Configuration
    • ActionController Lite
    • Router with Regular Expressions
    • Rendering + Processing ERB Templates
  • Basic + Intermediate Javascript
  • DOM Traversal + Manipulation
  • JavaScript Closures + 'this'
  • Prototypal Inheritance
  • jQuery
  • AJAX
  • Event-Driven Programming

Week 7

Advanced Javascript: Backbone.js

  • Client-Side MVC
  • Backbone.js
  • Backbone.Relational

Week 8

Capstone Project I + Advanced Topics I

  • Authentication
  • Application Deployment
  • Advanced Data Structures: Dynamic Arrays + Hash Sets
  • CSS Design + Bootstrap

Week 9

Capstone Project II + Advanced Topics II

  • Computational Complexity (Big O)
  • Background Jobs
  • Web Application Architecture
  • WebSockets
  • Interview Preparation + Practice

Week 10

Rails Topics + Libraries

  • Paperclip +
  • Kaminari
  • Caching

Week 11

Advanced JavaScript + Full-Stack Environment

  • Advanced JavaScript Topics
  • Extending Backbone
  • Deeper Cuts
    • Databases
    • Web Servers
    • Browsers

Week 12

Theory + Practice

  • Advanced Algorithms: Memory Hierarchy + Sorting Functions
  • HTML5 Topics
  • Advanced Code Readings


  • What press have you received?

    Here's a sample of stories written about App Academy:

  • How does the program work?

    The program is hands-on, since the best way to learn to code is by writing it. We keep the lectures to a minimum; ninety percent of your day is spent building projects, with guidance and advice from us. Our model is "do-and-learn", "ask-and-learn".

    We make you learn by working on tasks exclusively designed for building concepts and knowledge. The work load is designed sunc that you gain 1-to-2 years equivalent experience in 3 months of InFI program.

  • What happens after InFI Program?

    At the end of the program, we help you find a position as an entry-level application developer. Over twelve weeks, you'll have built a significant portfolio of code showing what you're capable of. On the last day, we host an interview day to introduce you to tech companies looking to hire entry level developers.

    You are no-more a fresher, you must be confident and exhibit the level of knowledge you gained during the program. You can comfortably claim 1+ years of expertise.

    Check out our Quora post for a partial list of companies our graduates have gone on to work at.

    The demand for ready to deply employable entry level professionals is very strong. We are approcahed by many companies in Chennai, Banaglore and Hyderabad to help them provide entry level junior developers.

  • Are 12 weeks enough to prepare a beginner to become a developer?

    Yes. InFI has a placement rate of 80% at an average annual salary of Rs 180,000 We have been doing this for past six years and built alumni base of 400+ professionals.

    We've specifically designed the program with a focus on the skills you need to begin a career as a software engineer. We emphasize the practical skills you'll need, which is why we have you spend so much of the program gaining experience by working on projects. Over the 600+ hours of hands-on working time, we mentor you in every aspect of a software professional.

    Our past alumni have repeatedly told us that by training in an immersive environment with constant access to instructors, they were able to learn much faster than if they had studied on their own.

  • What kinds of projects do people build?

    You'll build lots of projects like Chess, Asteroids, and Snake. Here are a few samples of final projects:

  • Who should apply?

    Prior programming (academic) knowledge will help, but there are no hard requirements beside a passion and inqusitiveness to make computers work for you. You do need to be comfortable using a computer and persistance to make compter work as per your instructions.

  • What kind of time commitment does InFI require from me?

    The program will be rewarding, but it will not be easy. On average, expect to put in 10-to-15 hours per day, six days a week. Three months committment from you is a must and spend about 600 hours, programming computer.

  • What is the application process? What makes a successful application?

    The application process consists of a few steps:

    1. You submit an application.
    2. Within two days, we will mail you (or call) to take online test. If you are from Chennai you need to come and take onine test at InFI.
    3. We interview you.
    4. Face-to-face discussion to check your capabilities
    5. Within two days, we make a decision.

    The most important parts of our process is to figure-out your committment to the program. Basic learnability and logical thinking.

  • How competitive is the application process?

    The application process is competitive, because applicants need to be prepared to succeed in a difficult program, and because we only enroll applicants when we feel confident the program will work for them. And everybody gets benifitted.

  • Will I need to buy any computer hardware?

    During the program, we provide fully loaded computing environment, so you won't need to buy any hardware.

    The office is open 24/7, but if you want to work at home, you may buy/bring your own laptop.




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InFI Chennai is located on OMR, in VSI Estate; next to NIFT at SRP Tools junction. Menotring program is full time Monday to Friday, 9:00AM - 6:00PM. Our facilities are open 24/7 for work and learn.

Program cycles begin every few weeks!

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